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The Ultimate Guide to Making Chili

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Here Kate Rowinski shares chili recipes featuring pork, turkey, chicken, beef, and wild game, as well as a number of seafood and vegetarian varieties, along with some of the best side dishes to accompany a hot, delicious bowl of chili.

In The Ultimate Guide to Making Chili, Kate Rowinski shares her knowledge of this great dish and some of her favorite chili varieties. In a brief introduction to chili, Kate explores the origins of chili and different types of chilies, as well the fundamentals of creating a good ‘bowl of red’. The Table of Contents includes:

  • Introduction to the Chile Pepper
  • Chili-Making Basics
  • Competitive Chili
  • Traditional Chili
  • Home-style Chili
  • Chilis Gone Wild
  • Chile Sauces, Salas, and Rubs
  • Chili Leftovers
  • And more!

There is an endearing quality and nostalgia about the thoughts that are conjured up when one contemplates eating a nice, warm bowl of chili during the summer or winter. Chili recipes are often well-guarded secrets, passed down from one cook’s recipe file to another’s for decades, from generation to generation. Some chili cooks go strictly by the book and measure each ingredient, while other cooks add in a dash of this and a dash of that, going by taste and a general feel. Either way, chili recipes always end up delicious.

With over seventy-five different recipes, this cookbook will have a dish for anyone who loves chili.