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Countryside Living

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Country living has long been associated with a rustic way of life and a sense of tradition. This strong appreciation of rural traditions does not mean, however, that all country homes are relics of the past. Contemporary solutions and innovative ideas work equally well when old spaces are given over to new uses, converted, renovated or just revived. A country house is intimately connected to the land and all its seasons and is built to last using natural, indigenous materials. These are the core qualities of the countryside style, whether old or new.

Full of inspiration on how to achieve that highly desirable ideal of comfortable country living combined with the clean lines and edited design of today, Countryside Living shows work by architects and designers who have helped evolve the country house look.

Containing never before seen images, this new book is a source of inspiration to interior designers, architects, and home-owners, and a must-have for rural house enthusiasts.