"There is No Planet B." Our Toddler Tees.

"There is No Planet B." Our Toddler Tees.

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"Our toddler tees... no butterflies? No smiley faces?

When I thought about this image, a retro drive-in, with a big screen - I thought it an opportunity to post an important message up on the screen.
I immediately thought about the parked cars with people sitting in them staring up at the screen. Collective witnesses...  Each in our own respective car (bubble), all seeing the same thing.
To put these words on a toddler shirt (no cheerful, bright colors… ) was not for the toddler.
Toddlers typically don’t read, are not political and are not worried about their future quality of life.
This shirt is for the viewer. It's a message for every adult who sees a child wearing it, that we adults must pay attention and do something about it.
There is urgent need for us to open the door, get out of our cars and collectively do something about it." -LS


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