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USB Lighter, Silver

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We love these eco-friendly rechargeable USB lighters from The USB Lighter Company. Did you know that butane lighters cannot be recycled? These babies are the sustainable option, and they're pretty awesome, too.

Direct from The USB Lighter Company: Perfect For lighting: Candles, Gas Appliance (Safe for Gas BBQ's), Kitchen Stoves and fireplaces. 

Our lighters are easy to use and powered by a lithium-ion battery which eliminates the toxic butane.

  • No Toxic Butane Gas   
  • 100% USB Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery    
  • 1.5 hour Charge Time    
  • Easy to use - switch and button    
  • Designed and manufactured with the Environment in mind    
  • Works with all gas ignition appliances
  • Micro USB Charging Cord Included