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Top Dogs: A British Love Affair

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 Winner of the Barker Book Awards Classic Read!

  • Foreword by Her Majesty The Queen Consort when Duchess of Cornwall
  • A portion of sales goes to the charity Medical Detection Dogs
  • Thirty-two interviews with famous, creative and hyper-successful people
  • Stunning portrait and interiors photography; a glimpse into the very private lives of these owners and their dogs

This book celebrates the special relationship between beloved British dogs and their devoted owners. Architects, fashion designers, florists, entrepreneurs – these and the other famous, creative and hyper-successful people have one thing in common when it comes to their canines: the strength of the bond between human and four-legged friend. This makes for tales of companionship that will be sure to uplift your spirits and make the heart sing.

Exuberantly photographed by Dylan Thomas, with interviews by Georgina Montagu, Top Dogs is a joyous read and lustrous eye-candy for dog lovers. From Jacobean manor to Cumbrian hill farm, and circus wagon to royal residence, the lucky hounds who are showcased in this sumptuous volume occupy some of the loveliest homes in the country.