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Proxies x Beverly Kim & Johnny Clark Amuse Non-Alcoholic Wine

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In our fifth collaboration, Proxies teamed up with the wife-and-husband team behind two of Chicago’s most acclaimed restaurants: Michelin-starred Parachute and wherewithall.

About Amuse

Proxies and Parachute share a mutual love for balance and complexity—a fascination we poured into Proxies’ first-ever sparkling collab.   Chef Beverly asked us to capture joy in a bottle; chef Johnny was focused on diversity of flavor, and the marriage of fruit, texture, acid and tannin. Together, we drew from the flavor mosaic of Korean cuisine to create an effervescent, celebratory blend that’s even better paired with friends and family.

Perfect Pairing

Amuse was created to match and enhance the balanced flavors at play in Korean cuisine—but we find the nuanced blend brings just about any dish to life. Delivering a delightfully fresh fruit profile with a tart, salty finish and textured fizz on the palate, Amuse is both a mood-setter and conversation starter, a crushable addition to any table.

Enjoy With: kimchi, crisp-fried scallion pancakes, tofu jjigae, and anything on the Parachute menu.


For us, Proxies are a very cutting-edge non-alc option. We love the complex tannic structure, the elegance they create in the glass, their pairing capabilities, and that they’re an inclusive alternative for those who choose not to drink.

In this collaboration, we wanted to emulate a sparkling rosé that would go well with Parachute’s and wherewithall’s cuisine. We were inspired by the flavor of omija, or magnolia berry, which literally translates into “five flavors” (sour, sweet, spicy, bitter, and salty), as well as the refreshing qualities of Asian pear. The texture from the bubbles in this sparkling rosé feels lively and exciting on the palate, mirroring the feeling of celebration and joy we wanted to express with this bottle.

A portion of the proceeds will go to The Abundance Setting to boost advocacy and resources for working mothers in the hospitality industry, allowing more women and families to thrive. Cheers to that!

Beverly and Johnny

Ingredients: Water, Syrah Grape Juice, Pear Juice, Pineapple Juice, Plum Concentrate, Vegetable Glycerin, Cherry Concentrate, Lemon Juice, Omija-cha Tea, Red Miso Paste, Jade Green Tea, White Wine Concentrate, Tartaric Acid, Sea Salt, Mandarin Orange Peel Extract, Orris Root Extract, Galangal Extract, Hoji-cha Tea, Mosaic Hops, Potassium Sorbate. Contains Sulfites. Contains 23% Juice.