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Modern General® The Bee's Knees Travel Moisturizer Bar

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Oatmeal, milk and honey travel lotion bar. Perfect for airplane travel!

Made for us by GalPaca Farm:

Lotion bars are essentially the same as liquid lotions however remain hard at room temperature until rubbing the bar between your hands. Your natural body heat softens the lotion and allows you to glide the bar along your skin surface.

We have found that lotion bars last longer than liquid lotion and will not spill or leak from the container.

More importantly, the ingredients are all natural and great at softening and moisturizing your skin. The combination of Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E are perfect for sensitive skin. The addition of 100% all natural Bees Wax helps to harden the bar as well as lock in these super softening oils and butters.

GalPaca Farm is home to 25 alpacas, plenty of honeybees and a great pyrenees guardian dog who keeps a watchful eye on all of us. We are proud to offer some of the finest alpaca products HOME GROWN AND LOCAL as well as numerous honeybee by-products. We sell yarn, roving and handmade items from our own animals as well as other quality products made by us on the farm including soaps, lotion bars, beeswax candles and more. We pride ourselves as “MADE IN THE USA”.