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Miss Mary's Low Sugar Margarita Mix

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We love this lower sugar, but equally delicious, margarita mix from Miss Mary's!

From Miss Mary's:

"It’s time to ditch the guilt and enjoy your cocktail. Our Fresh Squeezed Margarita mix is handcrafted with premium ingredients including fresh lime juice with fleshy pulp, organic blue agave nectar and bright essential citrus oils. With only 5g of Sugar and 30 Calories per serving, skip the guilt of traditional margaritas. Your taste buds will tickle with the delicately sweetened, elegant, and refreshing flavors of Miss Mary’s Fresh Squeezed Margarita Mix. 

The Perfect Margarita: combine 2 parts Miss Mary’s Fresh Squeezed Margarita Mix with one part premium tequila in a shaker with ice. Feeling fancy? Rim the glass with salt and garnish with a fresh lime wedge.  Shake, pour, adore."     

  • Made with All Natural & Organic Ingredients    
  • No major allergens    
  • Gluten Free    
  • MSG Free    
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup    
  • No artificial colors