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il Buco Alimentari Aceto di Vino Rosso, Red Wine Vinegar, 250ml

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We are excited to offer fine pantry items from il Buco Alimentari online and in the shop! We've loved their NYC presence for years, and are already addicted to these amazing products for your home kitchen.

From il Buco: This wine vinegar is made by the natural acetification of two different wines grown on the various colline of Sante Bertoni: the DOC Lambrusco Grasparossa, and the same Sauvignon Blanc DOCG of Scandiano.

Sante uses the old-fashioned “Casaligna” method, where the vinified wine is placed in small oak barrels, and small amounts of “the mother,” a rich and viscous vinegar formed over many years, to enhance the flavor and complexity of the new vinegar and assist in its acetification.

*The color is pinkish, burgundy, with an acidity of 7% and a slightly tart palate.