Goē Oil™ - 3oz. Tube


Our favorite summer everything product! A must have for summer, and a year round winner.


Direct from Jao Brand:

Semisolid All Over Body Oil A Superior Grade Oil for Superior Feeling Skin

For hands, hair, body and soul. Lighter than a body butter, longer-lasting than a moisturizer, absorbs quickly. This intricate combination of 28 plant, fruit and flower oils and butters restores the skin's natural moisture balance. With omega rich Rosehip, Hemp, Meadowfoam and Rice Bran Oils; vitamin packed Avocado, Grapeseed, Mango and Pumpkin Seed Butters and Jojoba Oil to replenish sebum. A cult favorite. You will never Goē without...


How to use:

Melt oil between palms. Concentrated. A little goes a long way.  Use all over the body, after shower or shave, in the hair, on the feet, anywhere and everywhere. Never greasy, heavy or sticky.  DISPENSE PRODUCT BY SQUEEZING FROM THE END OF THE TUBE ONLY. Squeezing from the middle may split the back seal.




Eczema - help with rough patches and dry skin 

Chemical peels - soft, fresh, moisture drenched skin & redness gone 

Chapped nose - soothe runny nose redness


Soften - head to heels, arms, elbows and knees 

Shaving - just a touch on legs in shower for a smooth shave

Aftershave - calm and soften skin with no irritation or stinging


Makeup - mix with makeup for velvet finishes and gorgeous skin tones 

Eye makeup remover - put a dab on a cotton swab


Thick & curly hair - put a small bit in your hands and rub it through damp hair (especially on the ends) then towel or air dry

Straightening - use a small bit before you flat iron or blow dry

Dry Hair - smooth onto dry hair to tame flyaways and add lustre 

Damaged - rejuvenate dry, damaged or dyed hair 

Bald - make your head sparkle!

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