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Food52 Vegan: 60 Vegetable-Driven Recipes for Any Kitchen

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"This handbook includes 60 stand-out recipes—some brand new, others beloved Food52 favorites (that Sweet Pea Hummus, those Tempeh Kebabs)—along with photography from James Ransom and tips on vegan cooking and eating. Maybe you’ll be taken by the Roasted Cauliflower and Freekeh Salad or the Chai-Spiced Bread Pudding, and once you cook from this book a few times, you’ll start looking at vegan dishes in a whole new way.

Because two is better than one—in cookies, books, and so much more—snag the set of the next two titles in our cookbook series, Food52 Works. Vegan you just heard about; its sister book, Baking, is all about anytime, back-pocket baking—a collection of 60 recipes that won't leave you with a huge mess to clean up, but aren't run-of-the mill, either. We're talking Buttermilk Dutch Baby with Caramelized Pears, Blueberry Cream Torte, and Savory Greens Galette."