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24 Pc. Laguiole Grey Flatware Set in Tray

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This Jean Dubost twenty-four piece flatware set with 6 knives, 6 spoons, 6 forks and 6 coffee spoons is from Laguiole -- used in France for over 200 years. The craftsmanship and quality can't be beat. Wooden tray measures 12.5"x8.75"x1.5".

This set has a gauge of 1.5 mm, is dishwasher safe, is rust resistant, and will last a lifetime.

• ABS handles
• Stainless Steel Sharpened Blades
• Stainless steel caps
• Certificate of Authenticity

Care Instructions: It is recommended to wash your cutlery gently by hand under running hot water and to wipe it off immediately after. However they are dish-washer safe with the following instructions: avoid long washing cycles. Open the dish-washer as soon as the cycle is finished. Do not leave the knives in the dish-washer for several hours after washing cycle. When you take them out of the dishwasher and before putting them away, dry with a soft cloth.