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Di Vino 80% Dark Chocolate Bar with Cabernet Franc Wine, 2 bars

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DiVino is an exceptional chocolate bar made through an innovative process of blending cocoa with Cabernet Franc.

Cecilia Tessieri Rabassi was the first female “maitrechocolatier” at an international level. She has dedicated her life to chocolate, exploring the best cocoa plantations in the world, personally selecting the right pods, and then transforming them into delicious chocolates in a small laboratory in Capannoli (Pisa).

She uses only natural products and artisanal processes, thanks to her refined and expert sensorial skills, she can make chocolate bars of the highest and rare quality.

Simone Maggioni has created Podere La Pace on the coast of the Tuscan Maremma. A vineyard and strictly organic cellar. The small size of the facility allows Simone to personally oversee the careful and skillful process from grapes to bottle.

Her Cabernet Franc is aged three years to produce rich aromas and hints of red fruits, chocolate, mint, coffee, licorice. 2 x 75g bars