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Food52 Any Night Grilling: 60 Ways to Fire Up Dinner (and More)

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From Food52: Become a charcoal champion.

Grilling strikes a note of fear in the hearts of many a cook. And we want to change that. In the words of our co-founder, Amanda Hesser: “We wanted a grilling cookbook that wouldn’t be like every other chest-pounding, aggressively typefaced, you’re-a-wuss-if-you-don’t-cook-a-whole-pig cookbook on the market. These books don’t speak to us. They make us feel bad about our Webers. They make us resent grilling. And, yet, we love grilled food! We’d like to do more grilling!” Us, too, Amanda. Us, too.

For the newbie grillers, who haven’t so much as touched a skewer, Any Night Grilling has the basics to get you fired up for the first time, from picking the right grill for you, a guide to different types of charcoal, tips for lighting, and how to clean grates. For those who consider grilling their go-to form of cooking, Any Night Grilling has pages upon pages of new material for you to bone up on: mushroom-packed grilled (literally grilled) cheese, smoked beets, monster steaks, and more.

We promise: grilling needn’t be reserved for a weekend or a special occasion. Once you get the hang of things, they won’t be able to tear you away from the coals.