27east: Sylvester Expands Dreamy Coffee

27east: Sylvester Expands Dreamy Coffee

Sylvester Expands Dreamy Coffee to Soul Cycle in Bridgehampton | 27east | By Alex Appel

A longtime staple of the South Fork is expanding: Dreamy Coffee Company opened a new coffee bar in Bridgehampton, inside a Soul Cycle, on May 24.

Like the Dreamy Coffee store in the Modern General in Sag Harbor, the store will sell cold brew coffee, using Lynda Sylvester’s custom-made coffee and brewing it with a special method.

Sylvester is the owner and founder of both the Modern General and the Dreamy Coffee Company. She is also a passionate traveler and an artist. Her trips and love of art inspire many things in her store, including her coffee.

“I think I am more of an artist than I am a businessperson,” she said. “I go on adventures.”

Decades ago, when she was camping on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with a group of friends, the man who was guarding her group would prepare them coffee every day. He would crush the beans, soak them in water overnight, and, in the morning, he would strain the coffee and mix the concentrate with equal parts fresh, boiled water, according to Sylvester.

“It was,” she said, “the best coffee I had ever had.”

The coffee at Dreamy Coffee is brewed using a modified version of that process, according to Sylvester. She also sells bottles of coffee concentrate at her store, with instructions on how to brew it at home.

“This store has evolved quite a bit — it’s always been an adventure for me,” she said.

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Top photo: Alex Appel
Bottom photo: Kathryn Menu

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