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We Made a Garden

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An elegant reissue of a classic book from one of the twentieth century’s greatest garden writers.

This landmark work on creating a garden was first published in 1956 and has rarely been out of print since.
We Made a Garden is the story of how Margery Fish, the leading British gardener of the mid-twentieth century, and her husband, Walter, transformed an acre of wilderness into a stunning cottage garden, still open to the public at East Lambrook Manor, Somerset, England. Quirky and readable, this book details her creation of a world-renowned cottage garden, as well as her battles with Walter in the process, who preferred the standard suburban approach.

In this beautiful and timeless work, she recounts the trials and tribulations, the successes, and failures of her venture with ease and humor. This book has been hailed as everything from a blueprint for the creation of a modern cottage garden to a feminist manifesto, and the author’s practical knowledge, imaginative ideas, and general good sense will encourage and inspire gardeners everywhere.