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Lorenzo Coffee Grinder in Black

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The Lorenzo coffee grinder guarantees freshly ground coffee with the perfect consistency for espresso, filtered coffee, or coffee made in a french press or cafetière.

Re-adjustable ceramic grinding gear provided 11 degrees of fineness allowing you to grind your coffee to suit your taste: powdery for espresso, semi-powdery for filtered coffee or coarse for the French press.

The detachable crank can be attached vertically to the holder on the side of the coffee container. In this way the coffee grinder, which is equipped with an aroma lid, takes up but little space.

  • For 4 cups of espresso, 4 cups of filter coffee, or 4 cups of french press coffee
  • Scale for degrees of fineness
  • Coffee container with scale
  • A detachable crank can be attached to the grinder to save space
  • L 14,5 cm, w 10,0 cm, h 22,6 cm
  • High-grade stainless steel / black refined surface / plastic / ceramic grinder