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Kerry Joyce: The Intangible

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"Emmy Award-winning designer Kerry Joyce is known for the refined elegance and quiet classicism that unite his varied houses and interiors, as well as his collections of textiles, furniture, lighting, and rugs. His debut book spans a fascinating career, celebrating an impeccable, warm design sense that seeks always to turn houses into homes—to achieve the Intangible through the creation of tranquility and balance. The book covers eight homes in a surprising range of styles, from modern to traditional, urban to rustic, period restorations to entirely newly imagined houses that feel as though they are just as authentic. In addition, a charming introduction describes Joyce’s unusual path to becoming a designer, with thoughtful essays on each part of his work, from houses to interiors to his products. A special view into the creative process of an influential and multi-talented designer.

A master of crafting beautiful homes, Kerry Joyce is recognized as one of the top designers in the country. He has received notable acclaim throughout his career for his unique and unparalleled design sense, seamlessly marrying fine materials, clean lines, sophisticated textures, and knowing detail into exquisite interiors and houses across stylistic boundaries. Joyce has also channeled his diverse talents into a group of highly regarded home furnishing collections, including the hallmark Kerry Joyce Textiles. With offices in Los Angeles and Connecticut, his firm, Kerry Joyce Associates, offers a comprehensive approach to design and consulting, creating a richly personal and customized sensibility on each project for his sophisticated clientele."