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Grand Tour of Europe

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• Texts by major connoisseurs

• Selections of literary excerpts

• Full-page illustrations, some never before published

• Two kinds of paper: uncoated, rough-grained paper, and coated for illustrations

• Hand-tippped illustrations

• Silk binding

The Grand Tour, a journey of culture and amusement across Europe, was a common practice from the 17th century to the first quarter of the 19th century. This book, then, reviews the stages of a tour that has left its mark on European culture. The opening essay, by Nicholas Foulkes, reviews the significance of the Grand Tour for international culture, especially British culture. Next, Fernando Mazzocca reviews its artistic coordinates, while Attilio Brilli explores some of the more obscure but intriguing aspects of the Grand Tour, with an intriguing selection of literary excerpts, a lively travel anthology. Accompanying the texts is a carefully curated selection of images, with works by many of the leading artists of the period.