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Bird's-Eye Maple Cutting Board #2

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Our solid bird's-eye maple cutting boards are made by hand in Wisconsin from a solid piece of figured maple, so the wood tone and patterning are consistent throughout the board. Each one is hand sanded and polished to a silky smooth finish. While beautiful enough to display as an art piece, these boards are made to be fully functional for a lifetime of use. Any one of these boards makes a stunning wedding or engagement gift.

Size: 9.5" x 18"

Care: Never leave any part of the board in standing water, on a counter or in the sink, as kiln dried wood is very susceptible to water and dampness. Do not store near stove or high heat sources. Wash with mild soap and water and towel dry completely, allowing both sides of the board to dry evenly. Use a Scotch Brite pad or fine sand paper to smooth any roughness that develops over the years. Wipe with mineral oil to preserve the wood and renew the finish. Never put in the dishwasher.