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Classic Pandoro by Pasticceria Filippi

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The "Pan de oro," or Pandoro, is known for its natural yellow-golden color, has a very soft and fragrant dough obtained with the use of fresh cold centrifuged butter and Bourbon vanilla berries.

Founded in Zané, in the province of Vicenza, Pasticceria Filippi has been baking cakes and pastries since 1972.

Their artisan pandoro is baked with love daily and prepared with cold centrifuged butter, a specialty of Pasticceria Filippi.

Filippi artisan pandoro do not contain preservatives and remain naturally good over time thanks to their careful research of raw materials.

The artisan pandoro is a very simple dessert, with few ingredients. To be really good, flour, fresh eggs, milk and butter must be of high quality and handled with care in the long preparation process, starting from the mother yeast, which requires constant dedication through daily refreshments and energetic kneading and rest in a healthy and protected environment.

Pandoro was born in Verona during the Republic of Venice around 1500. It is the evolution of “Nadalin”, an artisan dessert originally from the Venetian city crossed by the Adige. Its shape follows the lines of the comet star, and eating it can only be an excellent wish for the end of the year following Christmas and the beginning of a new period.