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150 Spas You Need to Visit Before You Die

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• New book in the very popular 150 series
• The ultimate Spa Guide
• A carefully curated selection of 150 of the world's most exceptional and luxurious retreats
• Wellness-focused travel is on the rise, and spas are an integral part of this trend
• For those who value self-care and relaxation

This book highlights and explores some of the world's most extraordinary and luxurious spa destinations. It offers readers a curated list of 150 exceptional spas across various countries and regions, each renowned for its unique treatments, breathtaking locations, and exceptional wellness experiences. Includes detailed insights into each featured spa, its amenities, signature treatments, wellness philosophies, and the overall ambiance. Readers can expect to find a combination of destination spas, resort spas, urban retreats, and wellness centers that offer a diverse range of holistic therapies, relaxation techniques, and rejuvenating experiences. It could serve as both a practical travel guide for spa enthusiasts and a source of inspiration for those seeking ultimate relaxation and self-care experiences. A bucket-list reference for spa enthusiasts, travelers, and wellness seekers, providing a curated selection of some of the world's most indulgent and transformative spa experiences.