Super Natural Skin Care

Super Natural Skin Care

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While the movement and demand for safe and organic food has been overwhelming, so many of us have neglected to think about what we are putting ON our bodies. Our skin is the body's largest organ, and the lotions and potions that we use everyday, from soaps and deodorants to shaving creams, can expose us to a super long laundry list of synthetic chemicals. We would never think of eating or drinking something with these ingredients, and the affects of putting them on our skin can be just as harmful as if we were ingesting them for dinner.

In our search for better options for ourselves and our customers, we found it was not necessarily an easy task to make good choices about our personal care products, because there are few brands who have made a real commitment to creating non-toxic products that really work!

Enter Oliver and Emily - the founders of Ursa Major. I found their products on my own journey for health and wellness, that consisted of a lot of research, and a lot of reading the ingredients lists for some of my favorite beauty products. What I discovered was nothing short of shocking: 90% of what I was putting on my skin contained parabens, sulfates, petroleum products and preservatives that have been linked to cancers, hormonal disruptions, liver problems and skin damage, just to name a few.

Super Natural Skincare | Ursa Major

I made a decision to make better choices, and shared my concern with family, friends and colleagues. Ursa Major was one of the first brands that came highly recommended and that I found to be 100% as effective, and in some cases more effective, that anything I had used before. Their slogan is "super effective formulas, healthy ingredients and sublime aromas and textures" - and it's true! This amazing company makes their products with love in VT without petrochemicals, sulfates, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance or color, glycols, silicones or PEGs (this means NONE of the bad stuff). They use ingredients derived from the power of nature that are largely organic.

I am so excited that my colleagues at Sylvester & Co. have jumped on board this wellness journey and we are proud to offer these products in our brick and mortar and online shop. The Ursa Major line is great for both women and men and blends sublime textures with bright, fresh scents that work for everyone.

Our current favorites? The Face Wash, Face Tonic + Travel Face Wipes (all included in the Traveler's Kit) leave skin super clean, balanced and hydrated. The wipes are amazing to tote along for a refresh after a workout. Also try the Golden Hour Recovery Cream for a safe and effective remedy for dryness, redness and aging skin - great for anyone for a day or night cream. The Hoppin' Fresh deodorant is an Ursa Major bestseller, and we love that it is aluminum free and super effective and refreshing.

If you'd like to learn more about the clean beauty revolution and how you can start to weed out toxins in your personal care regimen, here are a few resources with credible information. We think Ursa Major is a great place to start!



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