Superpowers Activated! @sprpwrs #sprpwrs

Superpowers Activated! @sprpwrs #sprpwrs

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Superpowers Activated!

You might've already snagged one of our 'Stand Here to Activate Your Superpowers' doormats because a LOT of you scooped them right up as soon as they made their debut.

Since then, we've learned about Annabel Linquist, the amazing gal behind the awesome street project (and stencil) Superpowers Activated that sparked the product idea. We are so excited she jumped on board with this mat!

"Annabel Linquist wants to blow your mind. Or rewire it at least—to help you remember your latent superpowers! From making paintings that repel ghosts, to activating secret power spots around the world, to producing her debut EP as a collaborator with Imogen Heap's radical Mi.Mu Gloves project—the intention is singular: TO ANCHOR AND AMP UP THE LIGHT in this world. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL expresses this message of love perfectly." -You Are Beautiful

We think that's all pretty cool. Get your mat and get initiated.

Superpowers Activated! @sprpwrs #sprpwrs

Check out the official NYC street project by Annabel Linquist @sprpwrs!
Tag #superpowers or #sprpwrs to join the @sprpwrs regrams of the initiated!
p.s. It works!
Follow Linquist’s projects on Instagram @annabellinquist or visit to check out her current projects.



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