Classic New York Egg Cream Recipe From Ina Garten

Classic New York Egg Cream Recipe From Ina Garten

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Sometimes you just get an urge for an egg cream! New Yorkers know exactly what we're talking about, but if you have never had or heard of an egg cream, it has nothing to do with eggs. Some people suspect that "A" grade milk was used to make the drink, and people called it "A" Cream, which morphed over time into Egg Cream just because of how it sounded. No one knows for sure, and supposedly the origin of the name is "lost in time," but whatever the case, it's tasty. We are pretty sure that the egg cream was the creation of NYC's Jewish immigrants, and its most commonly cited inventor is Louis Auster. Auster is said to have served the first egg creams in the 1890s from his Brooklyn candy shop.

In order to make an authentic, New York egg cream, you have to use Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Syrup, made in Brooklyn since 1895. Our friend Ina Garten's recipe is right on the money. She's a Brooklyn gal, so you know it's the real deal! Grab a bottle of U-Bet with your next order and whip these up for your friends and family.




U-Bet Chocolate Syrup

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