Lynda Sylvester's Favorite Bag For 2017

Lynda Sylvester's Favorite Bag For 2017

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Kintla Brick

All of us at Sylvester & Co. are constantly hunting for amazingly cool and functional products to bring you year after year. The handbag market is vast and often exhausting. Frequently we struggle to fill this category with bags that really dazzle.

The Kintla vegan leather satchel by Matt + Nat is an exception. We've all fallen head over heels for this great bag that offers a 13" laptop compartment, a smartphone pocket, extra sturdy handles, removable strap and deep and separate sections for everything you need to carry.

Lynda Sylvester was the first of us to snag one of these beauties, and has now got us all swooning over it too. Here's what she had to say about the magical Kintla.

Lynda on Fannywag's bench, Main Street Sag Harbor, NY2017

"What I love about this bag is I feel like I have an assistant when I am traveling or working.
The compartment in the middle allows safe passage for my laptop, and there's lots of room in the side compartment for other needed supplies. It stands up to the rigors of being bumped along the floor of the Jitney or any other hostile surface.
I love that it just stands up, next to me at a restaurant or in a meeting, and never flops around - no tipping over, no spilling out. I also love that it's vegan leather and I am able to keep it completely clean and unscathed to the day to day activities of life. I have many bags but this one is reliable and efficient." - Lynda
Kintla by Matt and Nat compartments
Kintla on Main Street Sag Harbor


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