Return of a Classic | The Lucky Dog Hat

Return of a Classic | The Lucky Dog Hat

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We received a call at the store recently, and the sales associate who answered wasn’t familiar with “Lucky Dog” hats. The man on the other end of the line was losing his patience.

I was on another call, he wouldn’t give his number for a call back, and insisted that the sales associate interrupt me. He said it was an emergency and was desperate to talk to me.    

I got off my call as quickly as I could, but he easily waited 10 minutes.    

“Hello, Lynda? It’s Bob from around the corner - I moved to South Carolina 4 years ago… remember me?"

“Hello Bob... what corner?” 

Bob laughed, and said "It's OK, I know you meet a lot of people. I am an old fan of the store and I am in trouble."    

“Bob, what is the emergency?!?"    

He said, “I am so upset. I bought a LUCKY DOG hat 5 or so years ago from you, and my golf game totally turned around. Somehow I lost it and my game has gone to hell, and I need another hat as quickly as possible, in RED."    

“Well, Bob, we stopped selling it a few years ago, just to make room for something new… so we don’t have one to sell you."    

“This is not possible, I am ruined. You must bring it back."    

So, after this call and countless requests from many old customers who know they are Lucky Dogs… the hats are back.     -LS      

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