JR in Bonnieux

JR in Bonnieux

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Our first morning in Bonnieux was market day. I was very happy to get up early, have a coffee and forage for supplies. I became immersed in looking at the surfaces of the stones, when I glanced up and was filled with delight to see this JR work in front of me.

He is the local postman! Isn’t he beautiful?  

From that moment on I became a JR devotee, and love all of his books and his mission. People may not read or talk about it, but it is very hard to ignore seeing the truth when it's presented on this scale.

He has traveled the world to shine a light on social disparity and injustice. He also celebrates the ordinary person, often unnoticed among us.  

I would recommend all of his books, and seeing the film "Faces and Places” - a documentary with Agnes Varda and JR traveling around real France and making portraits of local landscape. I also felt it was a personal tribute to Agnes Varda's work from JR at the end of her life.



Lynda Sig



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