Interior Design + Home Furnishings in the Hamptons

Interior Design + Home Furnishings in the Hamptons

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Sylvester & Co. is well known for our legendary Dreamy Coffee Bar and our unique lifestyle offerings, but interior design is an equal passion and huge part of our day to day. Lynda Sylvester spearheads all projects with a small team of assistants. Our work varies based on the client, but our signature marker is a knack for creating aesthetically beautiful and interesting spaces that remain minimal and exude peace and calm. We serve the East End and New York City.

Our approach is a fun and creative one - often laying out boards with inspiration and options. It is not uncommon to find endless combinations of rug and fabric swatches with wood and hardware samples grouped on our work tables along with notes and drawings of spaces. “The devil is in the details” and we are just in love with them. If you want to get down to the nitty gritty, we are always excited to go there with you and help you make every last detail of your home extra special.

What is unique about Sylvester & Co. Interior Design?

Our flagship store has called Main Street in Sag Harbor, NY home for 30 years. Working with our hyper local clients in Sag Harbor, (long called the “un-hampton”) we have perfected the art of creating an elegant and upscale living space that is also functional and artful. Often, Lynda’s background in Fine Arts offers original and custom artwork and accents for your home. These range from large scale digital prints of paintings and collages to hand painted fabric for custom home furnishings and more. Additionally, we have access to countless world class partners for custom furniture, many of who we feature on our showroom floor.

Sylvester & Co. also consistently stocks and creates exclusive and custom made furnishings and accents that we commission or make ourselves especially for the shop. Clients can easily “shop the floor” for any items that they would like included in their project, and seamlessly add them to their quote. Some clients love pulling our exclusive Sylvester & Co. wallpapers, floor mats, fabrics, pillows, sofas, chairs and more to re-create a vibe they loved in the store. Sometimes, the inspiration for an entire room can come from an incredible coffee table book, faux fur throw blanket or lamp. Maybe you just want to redo your living room based on one of our staged seating areas in the store. Love our showroom kitchen and want to revamp yours to match? We can do that. Have you been dreaming up that perfect custom sofa but don’t know where to turn to create it? We can search out everything you need to make your daydream a reality. From the furniture base, to cushion fill to fabrics and hardware - we have access to it all and are happy to guide you on any custom home furnishing request. As you can see, the experience of interior design is a rich one for our clients, who are often regulars in our shop.

Our store and website also include a rotating art gallery that functions as a great portfolio for incredible artists and photographers. Any art that clients would like for their home can be purchased directly through Sylvester & Co. in a variety of sizes, and often can be ordered to arrive beautifully framed. Check back in our online Art Gallery for brand new works coming in 2020!

Of course, we understand that sometimes, you just need someone to take care of it for you, especially when it comes to your summer home or staging a property for sale. We truly love this stuff and we’ve got you covered.

What is the process and cost for Sylvester & Co.’s services?

If you are interested in working with us, we encourage you to reach out with the details of your request at or call us at 631-725-5012 and request a call back. Every client is different and we can accommodate a range of needs from the redesign of a few rooms, to an overhaul on home furnishings to a full scale project for a brand new build. Once we agree that our services are a good fit for both parties, we can assess your space, discuss budget and begin to put a quote together. Most agreements include hourly design fees plus the cost of goods, delivery, installation etc.

If you’re in the beginnings of planning a design project, but you’re not sure how to begin, putting together lists or folders of images of your likes and dislikes is a great place to start! Maybe even create a few boards on Pinterest with some of your dream spaces and items. This can give us (and you) a better idea of the scope of the project. We will always add our signature touches, but we want the space to feel like home for you and your family.

If you have a color palette or maybe some existing pieces in your space that you’ll be working with, it would be great to send along some photos or create an inspiration board with colors, fabrics, finishes etc. that we should keep in mind when assessing the project. We can also work this way as we present new ideas to you, laying out different options and combinations of anything from fabrics, carpets, wood finishes, hardware finishes and window treatments.

Where can I view some of Sylvester & Co’s interior design projects?

You can view some of our work on our website at We feature both design and home staging projects here. Recently, we posted projects on Golf Club Lane in Amagansett, NY, Noelle’s Lane in East Hampton, NY and a Watchcase Factory Townhouse in Sag Harbor, NY. Stay tuned for our new design site at, coming Summer 2020!

Do you offer a design discount for other interior designers?

Yes! We offer a 10% interior design discount in our shops (on select categories) and on some special orders. Business card and resale certificate required.

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