A Labor of Love | The Making of Our Boyfriend Shirts

A Labor of Love | The Making of Our Boyfriend Shirts

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We are so excited to share with you the latest collection of our exclusive On Main Street Boyfriend Shirts, including a very special limited edition. Shirt making is a fun and creative process, so we thought we'd let you in on the story behind these shirts and the detail, love and care that goes into making them. Here is a peek at Lynda's process for creating these beloved staples.


"Like any journey for developing products it seems to start with an experience. I have always liked “boyfriend” shirts as a pajama substitute, the perfect beach cover up or the perfect solution to a clean white shirt over leggings. I fell in love with a French shirt, made with very fine Japanese cotton, and wore it til it was thread bare. I missed the shirt so much, I decided to reproduce it for the store.


It starts with a design. Then, I hired a fashion designer to create the the detailed drawing for the pattern maker. The pattern maker has a sewing shop in the Garment District, where a round of samples are made for fit and sizing. Then one has to source the cotton! Cotton is not complicated if one just goes with the best available weave. I am partial to the Japanese for quality.  


The fabric gets shipped to the sewing shop and then the search for buttons begins. I love Italian buttons, and my favorite shop in New York is Botani, where I can spend hours pouring over their vast selection.

Once buttons are selected, they get delivered to the sewing shop and then it's a wait for cutting and sewing. Finally the shirts are finished and shipped to the store.


It's an art of design and construction. We have been making this shirt for 5 years, often just in white, with an occasional blue and white stripe for summer and sometimes a limited edition in a cold weather fabric (wool or brushed corduroy). A labor of love, made in the USA." -Lynda Sylvester
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