Peggy Leder

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Peggy Leder, a full-time Sag Harbor resident, is moved and inspired by the beauty that surrounds her on a daily basis. She carries her camera with her at all times to capture the sweet, gentle, unassuming beauty of the East End of Long Island.

Her landscapes are an ever-changing play of land and sea and sky. Nature is the creator of such magnificent colors and organic shapes that Peggy photographs with a quiet humility, grateful that such breathtaking scenes can be found in her own backyard. 

When Peggy is not looking through her lens, you can find her either on her yoga mat or teaching art to children. She is a registered clinical art therapist with her own private practice. She is also a yoga instructor at Yoga Shanti in Sag Harbor.

We are so excited to share a selection of her beautiful landscape work with you here! If you're interested in custom sizing, please reach out at
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