Modern General Dreamy Coffee® Co. 'Dreamy' Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate


Dreamy is a blend of Peruvian and Colombian Fair Trade Organic. You take one part Dreamy, one part water, add in one part inspiration, and you begin to discover the secret to our signature Dreamy blend with just a hint of chocolate.

The cold brew process results in a super smooth-tasting iced coffee that has no bitterness and leaves no acid taste, unlike traditional hot-brewed coffees. Each 32 ounce bottle of cold brew concentrate makes 64 ounces of coffee (8 big glasses, or 10 cups)—just add cold water and serve over ice to make iced coffee, or add boiling water (or hot milk) to make a steaming cup of hot coffee. No equipment, no grounds, no mess.

  • 32oz.
  • This is a true concentrate, so dilute 50/50, or to taste, with water
  • Brewed in small batches
  • Stays fresh for 30 days when kept refrigerated (but so delicious, we bet it won't last this long!)
  • Looking for DECAF DREAMY???
  • Enjoy our signature Dreamy-tini™ Recipe below using the Decaf or Regular Dreamy Coffee Concentrate


Cold Brew Concentrate Recipe | Dreamy-tini™ | The Hamptons Sag Harbor, NY

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