(Officially) Introducing Modern General Dreamy Coffee™ Co.

Sylvester & Co. Modern General® | Modern General Dreamy Coffee™ Co. Dreamy Organic Fair Trade Coffee Beans

"Still our Dreamy..." 

Dreamy coffee is a flavor concocted over 20 years ago to deliver a hint of chocolate to brighten up the day. 

Every culture has a ceremonial beverage. In India it's Chai, in Japan it's green tea and in America it's coffee.

Of course it's a breakfast staple and a mid-afternoon pick me up. A coffee break is a 15 minute break in the workday, but for me it is also time for a day dream, a rest and a reboot. 

Over the the past decade, the consumer has been educated and now demands quality. Small artisanal roasters began to explain the health and socioeconomic implications of coffee that is grown in unregulated third world countries - what chemicals were used to grow our coffee? Can the farmer feed his family?

We now understand the importance of buying organic fair trade always. It has changed the way everyone looks at “the coffee break.” 

Coffee is now a luxury product which has elevated the ceremonial aspect of drinking coffee. We meet friends for coffee, we stay up studying with coffee, we discuss business over coffee.

Coffee is our connection. Come over for a coffee…

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